Allied health professionals working together


Through the integration of services


Illawarra Health Hub

We know as practitioners that often our clients need multidisciplinary care. However in today’s busy times it makes it challenging for practitioners to co-ordinate client focused communication and/or case conferences to ensure that their treatments are cohesive and complimentary of each other.

At Illawarra Health Hub we provide INTER-disciplinary care. Our practitioners are hand selected for their quality of services AND their quality of care. Quality of services relates to the treatment they provide; our practitioners are experienced, tertiary qualified professionals who are committed to ongoing personal development in their field.

Equally as important, the quality of care is based around how they care for their client, including support for their clients, honest communication between client and practitioner, transparency with other treating practitioners and utilizing other allied health practitioners where needed.

Body Dynamics Illawarra

Body Dynamics Illawarra has been a Bulli local since 2003 and has helped 1000’s of clients achieve greater quality of life and health outcomes through their Exercise Physiology services.

Body Dynamics Illawarra’s main objective is to help people move with purpose; by moving towards goal achievement and greater health all whilst knowing they are safe and supported through that journey by our experienced Exercise Physiologists.

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Dr Terry Stewart – Osteopath

Terry has a 22 years’ experience in health and combined with a comprehensive skill set can provide diverse and targeted treatment and management for his patients.

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Gerry Burns physiotherapist

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Kye Simpson – Physiotherapist


Motivating you to become the best version of yourself through endurance coaching, performance programming and our sports physiotherapy expertise. Servicing the Greater Illawarra.

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Effective Pain Solutions

EPS is a passionate and innovative team of allied health practitioners using a highly successful interdisciplinary approach to pain management. The program encompasses psychological, movement based and education based interventions, working together to achieve greater functional capacities for people living with chronic/persisting pain.

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As a client you want to be sure that your practitioners are talking, that they understand the goals of each provider and that the services the practitioners are providing are not conflicting or cause you confusion.